Offsquare Het beste en duurzaamste sneaker merk in Nederland

Eco sustainable trainers fair slow fashion

Off Square Sustainable sneakers 

Do you want to make a difference in the world and contribute to a more sustainable climate? Then Off Square Footwear is the shoe brand for you, because that is exactly our main goal.

Off Square Sneakers makes shoes from organic materials of the best quality.

Each shoe is handmade in Portugal. So you have an original pair of shoes in your hands every time.

Furthermore, the sustainable brand does not use harmful chemicals during the production process and they do not do mass production. This allows them to pay more attention to details. Are you completely convinced? Take a look at the women's and men's collection of Off Square Official.

sustainable trainers netherlands equals sustainable trainers netherlands.

Did you know that our women's trainers are the same as our men's trainers. We are not a vegan trainers brand but we strive for a product that distinguishes itself by being the best sustainable brand in the Netherlands.



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