Making of our Sunglasses


Crystals that take care of you

“Our sunglasses are like superheroes for your eyes! They have the best lenses in town, with category 3 UV400 protection and polarized lenses with internal anti-reflective coating. Plus, they’re certified by the European Union. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with these shades! 😎


Handmade sunglasses

“Our sunglasses are like snowflakes - no two are alike! That’s because they’re made by hand with 100% natural materials. The wood cutting process is done by machine, but the polishing, treatment and quality control is done by people. So you can be sure that each pair of sunglasses is unique and one-of-a-kind! 😎


Flex Hinges

Our Off-Square sunglasses are built to last! We use Flex Hinged finishes on all of our sunglasses to make them more resistant to possible impacts and the way in which you remove the sunglasses from your face. In short, it makes the sunglasses more durable and becomes a vitally important part of your sunglasses. So you can enjoy your sunglasses for years to come! 😎


Every pair of Off-Square sunglasses comes with a free travel case that’s perfect for your next festival adventure! The case is made of real cork and can be folded to fit into your pocket whenever you don’t need it. Plus, the soft suede-lined interior will keep your shades safe and sound while you’re on the go! 😎